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Living Life Pug-Style

Welcome to my journal.  I have many stories but I type slow so it will take time to type them to you.  We should be friends and you should feed me snacks for my good work.

My parents named me Oscar because I came home from the pugspital during Oscar weekend in 2004.

My mom said I held my rawhide in my mouth like George Burns held cigars. I’m destined to be famous and live forever like him.  We also have wrinkles and google-y eyes.

Wait. Mom just said he died. Damn it. He should have stuck with rawhides maybe.  Is he buried in the backyard like Grandma’s old dog too?

I have had a lot of ‘ventures. I am an expert backseat surfer and I’ve been cross country. I like to think I’m famous in 12 states, but I want more numbers added to that.

Me and my best friend Turtle have been together since I wore a fancy plastic collar eight years ago. They were in fashion then. Turtle has lost his head…and his tail, but we still do everything together. He gets jealous that I also play with my corn dog toy. What he can’t see won’t hurt him.

I’m an accomplished songwriter and have a squeaky voice that doesn’t fit my name. Soon I hope to get a brudder or sister so my parents can harass them instead.

Till next time.


Oscar…the Dog

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